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Fried Corn

Hit or Miss

Fried Corn

Fried Corn. One night a week in our cafeteria we have “premium night,” which we refer to as “fried” night. Basically, it’s a night of rubbery steaks, sketchy shellfish, and fried chicken and vegetables. Now, I like fried vegetables, but really — fried corn? Who thought that up?

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Hello? Corn fritters, anyone? Mmmmmmmm…One mustn’t deny one’s God given right as a Southerner to enjoy basket after basket of deep fried vegetables! (A friend of mine from South Florida once commented, after I described a typical “nice dinner” menu at my house: “Does your family eat anything that isn’t deep-fried, dipped in chocolate, or rolled in nuts?” My answer, of course, was an emphatic NO.)

Max | 13 Sep 2000