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Birthday update.

Hit or Miss

Birthday update.

So far, this has been a great birthday. I saw Second City last night (the Glengarry Glen Ross Girl Scout cookies sales meeting was my favorite skit).

Today my staff decorated my door with birthday signs and we spent a fun day in the sun listening to bands, tie-dying, and jello wrestling at the Centennial Festival. Tonight I’m going out to dinner with the other hall directors.

And tomorrow, I’m going to St. Louis to see Everything’s Ducky, the new Henry Krieger musical — AND I’m going to finally meet THE Brad in person.

I’m at a loss for how this could be a more fun birthday weekend.

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woops… did I miss your birthday? ack… Happy Belated! Many happy returns! (I never understood that phrase… as opposed to an unhappy return? What is a “return” anyway?!)

jay | 12 Sep 2000