Hit or Miss


DialPad.com. Banking on the pretty fast speed of our campus LAN (I’ve regularly clocked my connection speed at 131.6 K bytes/sec), I tried calling my family and Bertie and Shannon today using DialPad.com. Using a headset with a mic, I got pretty good sound quality and I managed to talk to all 3 of them for 20 minutes each without spending a dime.

As many headaches as I get from having a live-in res life position, I still value the campus LAN access in my apartment as the perk that makes it all worthwhile.

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So THAT’S why you’ve got the headset on in the webcam shots. I thought you were just going for some kind of Madonna/ “Blonde Ambition Tour” kinda vibe… 🙂

Max | 31 Aug 2000

I can see it. Work it, Matt!

Jason | 31 Aug 2000