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In which Matt blocks out his school.

Hit or Miss

In which Matt blocks out his school.

Simply put, I’m pretty feed up with my new job (yeah, I know it’s only been a few months and that the students only just arrived).

But I haven’t felt like I could really write about it on this site because someone from Truman could see and read it. So, I altered my server configuration (ah, the joy of having your own server) to block out any visitors from truman.edu or 150.243.x.x. Of course, someone from campus could still access my site by using a service like anonymizer.com — but it’ll stop most people.

So, starting tomorrow, the gloves are coming off…

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There was a phrase we (my circle of friends and I) had in high school for this sort of thing: “Damn! Yumchuckmonkey got dissed!”

To this day, no one knows what the hell that means. But it fits the situation… Matt’s had enough, and now his top has blown…

Jason | 25 Aug 2000