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Hit or Miss


Coincidentally, like Michael, I watched the movie Trick last night. Yeah it’s nice to watch gay-themed movies (especially with such good looking guys), but I wish they were a little more believeable (Hello Birdcage?). It just seems to me that gay-themed movies are usually about some EVENT (like Stonewall) or tragedy (like Boys Don’t Cry) or are some type of fanciful tale (like Priscilla, Queen of the Desert). Why can’t there be more movies that just have gay protagonists (not just gays as sidekicks) that don’t necessarily focus on the fact that they are gay?

And I second Michael’s preference for small studio / independent gay films — I’d much rather watch a Beautiful Thing than an In & Out.

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Although, just to play devil’s advocate, aren’t most good movies of any type (gay-themed or not) centered around some event or tragedy or fanciful tale? If not, they’re just…well, they’re everyday life. I get plenty of that as it is without renting the video. 🙂

Chris H. | 20 Aug 2000