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Hit or Miss


After reminiscing with Brad, Zannah, and Jason the past few weeks on #BlogIRC about the Pirate Movie, I finally received the copy I had ordered.

It’s one of those movies I used to watch over and over again when I was a kid. Will it be as good as I remember? When I finally found a video copy of Midnight Madness, another movie I fixated on as a kid, I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t as uproarious as I had remembered.

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Just a quick suggestion for hard-to-find movies (particularly of the indie bent), try BuyIndies.com.

They’ve got a pretty good selection: some 50000 movies.

Just a suggestion


Vis10n | 18 Jul 2000

Midnight Madness? MIDNIGHT MADNESS? How great was that movie? Color-coded teams, the “Meat Machine,” the music notes that the dumb jock thought spelled “FAG-A-BEEF-E”–classic. Plus a VERY young Michael J. Fox. Nice choice–one of my all-time HBO faves!

p.s. God I hope I am thinking of the right movie…otherwise the above is going to seem very surreal to your readers, like an early 80s fever dream…

Max | 19 Jul 2000

Oh God… David Naughton was yummy in Midnight Madness. Feathered hair and all… and wasn’t Michael J. Fox in it as well? 🙂

Jay | 19 Jul 2000