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Blogger Beta Secret Revealed?

Hit or Miss

Blogger Beta Secret Revealed?

The Blogger main site is promising some new beta service. Could the secret be Project Sextant? They sent me a link to their site after I wrote up my thoughts about a native Blogger comment system.

Personally, I think the system is a little confusing and overwrought, but I haven’t really seen it in action yet being used by any bloggers, so I’ll withhold my final judgement. And I’m going to stick with my current homemade blogging solution — I like having supreme control over my content using PHP and MySQL.

I’m assuming it’s okay to post this — their webpage does say they’re in beta now and they’ve linked to a bunch of webloggers who must have noticed the site show up in their referer logs.

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But Sextant is Seattle-based, while the Blogger folks are in San Francisco. Still, I think you’re right that the Blogger Beta involves discussion fora.

Billy | 17 Jul 2000

OK, Blogger Beta is definitely not Sextant, and it doesn’t involve discussion. Sorry!

Billy | 20 Jul 2000

<singsong>I know what the Blogger Beta Secret is. Na Na, Na Na Na.</singsong>

Matt | 20 Jul 2000