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Problems solved.

Hit or Miss

Problems solved.

<geekspeak>I solved the problem I was having with the new backup zip drive for my linux server. Turns out that new zip drives use the imm.o driver instead of the ppa.o driver. And, because I’ve got a SCSI instead of a IDE controller, my zip drive attaches at /dev/sdb4 instead of /dev/sda4.

And, I managed to hook up my turntable directly up to my soundcard so that I can turn my LPs into CDs. I had to figure out a way to go from the RCA male jacks on my turntable to a 1/8″ male plug. I thought I was going to have to drive 45 minutes to the nearest Radio Shack to get an adapter, but I found one at the little computer store in town.</geekspeak>

<gayspeak> First up to be turned into a CD is the lovely Adventures of Marco Polo, a 1956 television musical with Kismet‘s Alfred Drake and Doretta Morrow.</gayspeak>