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GLBT Weblogs and Journals.

Hit or Miss

GLBT Weblogs and Journals.

I redid the portal page (thanks to Jay for the fun header graphic).

Unfortunately, I accidently overwrote the index file for my weblog while moving files around and I had to rewrite it from scratch. I really need to get a backup device for my server.

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Zip drives come in handy, but CDRW’s are so much faster and hold tons more. But if Zip is the route you’re leaning toward, definitely get an internal Zip. Externals are slower and share your printer port, and can cause havoc when you might want to print/access zip discs at the same time (you can’t!) My external Zip drive (as well as my two bosses’) sometimes fail after print jobs, requiring a reboot to reinitialize the drivers.

jay | 11 Jul 2000