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The Goblet of Fire.

Hit or Miss

The Goblet of Fire.

It’s days like this that living in a small town isn’t so bad. I drove down to our local bookstore at 11:55 to find only 7 or 8 parents waiting with their kids to pick up copies of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

When midnight struck, the workers roled out the display carts of books and several people’s jaws (including mine) dropped when they saw exactly how thick the book actually is. A few minutes later I was out the door having paid $16.73 (incl. tax) and having recieved a free Yomega yo-yo.

Now, I will attempt to read a few chapter before I fall asleep. Don’t expect another post until I finish (of course, as keenly as I’ve anticipated this book, my first action after walking through the door was to sit down and blog it…).

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Taking a break from my reading, I have to agree with you, Matt. In the abstract, 734 pages doesn’t seem too significant; when I bought my book this morning, though, my first thought was “Holy CRAP! That is a BIG freaking book.”

Not sure where all these people are getting off talking about a “slow start,” though–I found chapter one to be wildly creepy. Nice…

Max | 8 Jul 2000