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Hit or Miss

So how long do we have to wait for Harry Potter V? Wow. I just finished reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (yes, I pretty much read it through in one sitting). It really was worth all the hype.

Aside from one obnoxious Playstation reference in the inevitable “summer with the Dursleys” prologue (I wonder if Sony paid for that?), the rest of the book seemed more British (and less Americanized) than the previous three novels. And despite the length of the novel, it didn’t seem padded to me. If anything, I’m surprised by the abrupt cliff-hanger ending – it will definitely result in another huge clamor before the release of the next novel!

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Wasn’t the PlayStation reference supposed to be annoying? I mean, we are talking about Dudley.

By the way, I was pleased by all the references to Leaky Cauldrons, and of course discovering that there’s a language called “Mermish”.

Billy | 8 Jul 2000

Just finished it myself! Great story… it will be great to see what comes in V. Curious George Bookstore is already taking advance orders. Crazy.


Vis10n | 10 Jul 2000