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Karaoke at the Gold Spike, Part II.

Hit or Miss

Karaoke at the Gold Spike, Part II.

While Brad is living it up clubbing in St. Louis, I’m hitting the country bars here in good old Kirksville. After going to the Gold Spike for Karaoke Night a few weeks ago, I had to admit to myself that I was hooked and needed a fix. I meet up with some of the folks from the theatre dept. and proceeded to “boot skoot boogie” (whatever the hell that means) all night.

This is a very interactive karaoke crowd. I love how everyone jumps out on the dance floor when their favorite songs are played. I think I might have pissed a few dancing romantic couples during my rendition of I Swear (John Michael Montgomery) when I broke out into the monologue I had prepared about a boyfriend stalking his girlfriend. I redeemed myself later by singing Copacabana, which I have treated a fellow blogger to (Agent 812) in the past.

Later, the folks I was with raised a ruckus by shooting each other with water guns. I came to the realization that I was sitting with (and thus part of) the local color.

I have to admit I had a hell of the time and I even learned part of a country line dance. Can cowboy boots and a ten-gallon hat be far behind?

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See? All you need is a good place that has some Ramones or something, and away you go.

Jason | 8 Jul 2000