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I may never shop at CDNOW again

Hit or Miss

I may never shop at CDNOW again

I may never shop at CDNOW again. Let me map it out for you. A while ago, I preordered 3 CDs that were going to be released on the same day. CD #3 was delayed 3 weeks and I had to wait for that release date to get my shipment. I didn’t mind too much because I had used a 15% off coupon.

So I finally get my shipment and I discover that CDNOW cancelled CD #1 because the record company changed the label # that was preassigned to the CD before it was released. My order says that CDNOW will automatically process it for me in 24hrs with the new label #. Of course, this order for CD #1 had been in the system for an additional 3 weeks while waiting for CD #3 to be released — Why didn’t their computers catch it before the order was sent?

I wait 2 days and no order appears in my order history. So I write CDNOW customer support and I get a friendly email the next day which says it will be taken care of and if it doesn’t happen I should call customer support. I wait 3 days. No order. So I call the 1-800 number and talk to a friendly guy who says it will be taken care of. So I wait a few more days and still no dice. So then I send andother email to CDNOW trying to follow up on the sitation, explaining that I would have normally just reordered it myself, but that I had used 15% off coupon and had paid extra for FedEx S/H so I expected to be sent the CD honoring my coupon with no addition S/H charge. And I’ve waited and waited and they haven’t responded.