Hit or Miss

Supreme Court says Boy Scouts can bar gay troop leaders. There’s a discussion brewing over at Metafilter.

I’ve really been too upset about this all day to post any personal commentary on it. I was a Cub Scout for 2 years and then in high school was an Explorer Scout (Computer Science). All thoughout my formative years, the scouts were supported by my public schools. And all the local businesses. And scouts often eventually grow up to become the employees and owners of local businesses that support scouting. Meaning, approval of gay discrimination today in the scouts can lead to gay discrimination in businesses in the future.

So, anticipating this ruling, I’ve been on the lookout for businesses in town who support the Boy Scouts so I can personally boycott them. Problem is, in a small patriotic town like Kirksville, that’s a lot of stores. When I visited the Toyota/Chevrolet dealership in town (i.e. the only car dealership in town), I couldn’t help but notice the big sign on the door showing their support for the local scout troop. I can say that I’ll try to boycott them, but if my Corolla breaks down, I’m pretty much out of luck.