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My 15 minutes of fame…

Hit or Miss

My 15 minutes of fame…

Guess what? I’m the Coolstop Site of the Day. I’m just as incredulous about it as you are.

From the review:

As soon as I hit the home page, I’m interested. I immediately notice the images with personality at the top – a “new windows” checkbox and a “preferences” link on the sidebar. It looks like a weblog/journal sorta thing, but there’s a complete personal site here… good content, excellent usability and some pretty cool programming savvy. Matt seems very interested in how the web works and the potential for making the user experience even better. His open letter to Blogger not only calls for them to consider implementing a “native-comments system”, but he takes the time to get into the technical side of it in considerable detail. You see a guy who knows what he’s talking about being proactive about improving an already amazing web tool – there’s an obvious love for the medium behind it all. So – the weblog – in the last few days, he’s talked about comments systems, his new apartment, coins, gender stereotypes, cell phones and things related to his being a residence hall director – diverse and interesting content. And – that proactive attitude of Matt’s comes out again in his “web queeries” and “glbt weblogs” sections. He’s also got a webcam thing going and makes the site available in Palm and XML-RRS versions. I like Matt and I like his site… and I just met him today!

Does this mean I’m an internet rockstar now?

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The question you need to ask is with whom you now get to have sex with.

Jason | 25 Jun 2000