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Cell Phone.

I’ve never had a cell phone before, but I’m thinking about getting one (so my student advisors can call me when the residence hall I supervise catches on fire). I want to go digital, so really my only option out here in the middle of nowhere is US Cellular.

Supposedly, I can get text messaging from them (meaning I could implement a “email Matt and help him get out of a boring meeting” form on my contact page). The FAQ says I wouln’t be charged airtime when I recieve or read email messages. But is there a limit on how many email message you can get a month before they charge you extra? Does anyone have a cell phone plan like this?

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Okay – I’ll answer my own question. US Cellular emailed me back to let me know that the plan includes 250 email messages a month. Additional messages are 30 cents each (ouch!).

Matthew | 22 Jun 2000