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Hit or Miss


During the summer, universities often rent out their residence halls to summer camps and conferences. For the past few weeks, the cafeteria where I eat has been overrun with middle school students. Today I was surprised to find all the boys wearing dresses.

Yes – it’s cross dressing day for the middle schoolers. I must say I was surprised by how many kids were participating (I would never have put on a dress in my Alabama middle school). Supposedly the lesson was for them to learn about gender differences.

But most of the boys were in trashy halter tops and other Britney Spears-like outfits. The girls were dressed in ties with bowler hats and painted-on mustaches (trying to look like their Dads). More than anything else, I think this exercise just reinforces any gender stereotypes they already have.

Of course, I don’t have any room to talk. I went this afternoon to get my oil changed and was surprised when the cute, pony-tailed young woman who waited on me at the cash register proceeded to service my car.