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‘Show Booty Bidness.’

Hit or Miss

‘Show Booty Bidness.’

You really must check out Comedy Central’s new series, Strip Mall. It’s as wacky as my favorite Comedy Central series, Strangers with Candy.
Julie Brown is a bad-seed former child star who is now trapped in the world of a run down strip mall. In the back of the photo store, the wacky mall-dwellers (including my favorite, Barry) shoot porno films. Julie is a stitch and she’s backed by a super cast (including former SNL-er Victoria Jackson).

As long as I’m blogging about stripping, I’ve also been (I blush to admit) watching the game show Strip Poker on the USA Network. Two hot guys and two girls compete against each other and answer questions — at the end of each round the losers have to strip their clothes off. Any enjoyment of the beefcake on display is usually ruined by their sophomoric frat-boy comments or behavior.