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Hit or Miss

Like Brad, I really like the guys in the VW commercials. But you know the one where the guy doesn’t want to get sand in his car? I really want a pair of those shoes.

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Is that supposed to be a gay couple in the “No Sand” ad? Gave me gay vibes anyway.

Billy | 14 Jun 2000

I don’t think so. I just really like his shoes.

Matt | 14 Jun 2000

Although–didn’t VW get the same “gay couple” ball rolling with those “Da Da Da” ads a year or so ago? Hmmm…cool shoes, coupla guys enjoying a day at the beach, excessive neatness… Possibilities abound.

And the shoes–are they Adidas Gazelles? I haven’t watched it closely enough to tell. I have a pair (in red) that are fun but MURDER on the arches. Caveat emptor, Matt (although “fashion before comfort” is a valid rebuttal).

Max | 14 Jun 2000