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The Tonys

Hit or Miss

The Tonys

The Tonys. Tomorrow night is the big night, which I consider more of a “gay superbowl” than the Oscars (we’ve got more openly gay people at The Tony’s – well, not counting Rosie – and they always thank their partners) . But as I much as I look forward to The Tonys every year, I’m a little wistful this year.

I haven’t been so excited about this theatre season (and by theatre season, I almost always mean the musical theatre that premiered this year). So far, I’ve gotten to hear Marie Christine and Kiss Me Kate on CD, and I wasn’t really that impressed. The clips of nominated shows I’ve seen on Rosie haven’t really excited me that much. It’s pretty sad when the score I’ve enjoyed the most this year is Elton John’s Aida, which I only know from a lame all-star pop concept album.

But more importantly, I’m wistful because I don’t have anyone to watch the show with. For the past couple of years I’ve always had some fellow theatre lovin’ friends that I could watch the show with or at least dish with the next day. Well, I’m sure I can at least count on Mark, Bill, James, Brad, and David to blog about The Tonys on Monday morning.