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Gay Sims.

Hit or Miss

Gay Sims.

Steve beat me to posting about gay sims in THE SIMS. After I bought the game last week, I was dismayed to read in the instruction manual that only sims of the opposite sex could fall in love and get married. Before writing an angry letter to Maxis, I did a little research and found that sims CAN be in gay relationships if you build their relationship points to above 100. But you have to force them to start kissing each other and be in love.

I found this information on the chat board on THE SIMS site, which was filled with tons of homophobic messages from players who were offended that gay relationships were possible. I guess it’s no surprise then that Maxis didn’t put it into the instruction manual, but I’m still upset about it for that very reason.

Why am I angry? I don’t care about seeing the sims kiss or get into bed together. I just want to be able to see reflected in the game the reality of real life – of MY life – where there are people in same-sex relationships. I think that many players try to reproduce their own relationships and life in the game, and saying in the instruction manual that only sims of the opposite sex can fall in love and get married denies the reality of millions of Americans who do not fall into that cookie cutter mold.

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Is there a lower number for straight couples? For some reason I had the impression that 100 was the standard.. (who reads manuals, right?)

Freakho | 7 Jun 2000

I was wondering if anyone has found or made a patch that allows SIms of the same sex get married or sleep together (not that I’m wanting to see my sims fool around in the vibrating bed). I was just wondering if anyone has fixed the problem that you’re reffering to or if we are restricted to bitching about it without doing anything.

Robert | 19 Mar 2001

You can make sims of the same gender fall in love, quite easily. You can also make them sleep together, and fool around in the vibrating bed. The only thing they can’t do is get married. Hmmm, just like real life, huh?
Maxis was shrewd and discrete in this decision, not to mention ironic.

Rick Sim | 30 May 2001