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The Marriage State.

Hit or Miss

The Marriage State.

I swear I’ve never been anywhere before where more people are either engaged, married, or going to more 5 weddings this summer. It seems like all my fellow staff members have been out of town at weddings each weekend since I’ve moved here.

It must be something about Missouri. I’ve never been to a friend’s wedding because none of my college friends have gotten married. But I move here and suddenly Chad gets around to proposing to Susan and tells me to keep my Spring clear to come to the wedding. Congrats Chad and Susan!

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Yeah, Chad and Susan! I thought that the commitment really started when Chad moved to the frozen north! but that is just me maybe?

Melinda | 2 Jun 2000

Yeah, but he didn’t get around to actually proposing until I moved to Missouri.

Matt | 2 Jun 2000

When you left for your Tru-man state, I knew the dream was over…

Chad | 7 Jun 2000