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I work hard for the money…

Hit or Miss

I work hard for the money…

I’ve completed my first project since coming to Truman – a quick & dirty new Residential Living homepage. They’ve been without one for several months, which I’m sure has been very frustrating for incoming students (heck, it was frustrating for me as an incoming employee).

Basically I took all the exisiting information and dumped it into the university’s standard template (which I must say I really like and find very stylish). Now that at least something basic is up, I can go back and tweak it and add new features.

I don’t get the impression that the field of Student Affairs has embraced computer technology that much (beyond the use of Print Shop to make posters). I’m hoping to develop some web-based applications that can make Residence Life easier – the first project is a computerized duty calendar that can email RAs in the morning to remind them they’re on duty that night.