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Hit or Miss

Agents shock Congress with ease of federal security breach. I’m sure everyone saw this last night on the news (that’s where I heard about it).

Frankly, I’m not surprised. No matter what happens (like today’s school shooting), Americans continue to feel safe and be lax with security measures – no one ever thinks it will happen to them or in their neighborhood.

I see it in the residence halls all the time. In a small community of 600 residents, where everyone knows each other by sight, students will still blindly open the door for strangers who knock on the stairwell doors or let strangers follow in after them when they come home at night. Students continue to leave their room doors and windows open when they step out. But students still get indignent when things are stolen from their rooms. Or, students get abducted or assaulted.

But I’m not one to talk. Shannon and Bertie always got on me for leaving my room unlocked at IU. Since I’ve moved to Truman State, I’ve been wandering the building I’m going to supervise next year. None of the employees or plumbers have stopped me to ask who I was – of course, I haven’t confronted anyone else either to make sure they’re really supposed to be there. But come Fall, that’ll be one of my top priorities.