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Hit or Miss

In which Matt finds himself in a happy place. Well, having my boss call the computer people and ask them why my accounts hadn’t been created after 2 and 1/2 weeks seems to have done the trick. I now have my Truman State email address: kingston@truman.edu. They are also evaluating and working on my request for a non-firewalled static IP number, so hit-or-miss.org and Web Queeries should soon be back up and running correctly.

I went for coffee today with 2 students and a faculty member from PRISM, the Truman State GLBT club. We ended up talking for 4 hours. I’m going to a meeting tomorrow at the library to help with a GLBT collection development project (since they have few GLBT resources). There are going to be a few other students around this summer and I’m going to be meeting with another faculty member soon. So, I’m actually going to have GLBT friends here! But I’m pretty much resigning myself to the fact that it’s doubtful I’ll find someone to date (since I can’t date students), but stranger things have happened…

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It all starts slowly. You have taken the first step, young warrior.

Jason | 25 May 2000