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Hit or Miss


In reading Bridget Jones’s Diary, I came across the term HAGFAG, i.e. a gay man who likes to hang out with single straight women. Although I’ve had lots of female friends, I’ve never had a woman who slavishly doted on me, i.e. a FAGHAG (though I prefer to use my friend Kevin’s term, FRUITFLY). I HAVE had some wonderful mutually symbiotic relationships with women though, where we have been able to commiserate in our dealings with men.

Right now, there’s no one in that role in my life (actually, I don’t have a single friend out here yet). If I could have any blogger as a real life female friend, I think it’d be Meg, Caroline, or Firda. I don’t know any of them at all, but after reading their blogs for a while, I think they’d be the coolest to hang out with and dish our scumbag boyfriends.

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Thanks, I’m flattered. If I were there, I would love to be your faghag. You’re a great person, with a great voice too! 🙂 Anyway, I hope your sinus is gone and that you’re beginning to settle down in your new place. I wish you all the best. Take care!

Firda | 15 May 2000