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Hit or Miss


Jay beats me on the straightacting.com quiz (But I think I beat Tim). According to the quiz, I’m

    A few people might suspect that you might not be a heterosexual. No one knows for sure, but there are rumors about what you’re doing on the weekends. Most of your traits are straight acting but a few traits you have are causing people to wonder, but nothing is so apparent that anyone is sure enough to bring it up.

Damn. I bet I would have scored higher if it weren’t for those questions about showtunes.

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matt… i’m afraid i don’t know any showtunes. heh. and the only candles in the house are my mom’s! even andy did a little worse than me with level 3. he thinks i cheated. tell me, how on earth can you cheat? 🙂

jay | 12 May 2000

Hey, wait a minute. Who said that getting a lower score was better, eh? 🙂

Jason | 17 May 2000