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Hit or Miss

In which Matt is in a wistful mood… Yep. 5 days until I move. I’m walking around like a Zombie now, aware that I’m seeing friends and places for the last time.

Originally I thought I was only going to be in grad school for a year and a half, so I tried not to get attached to anything or anyone. Before I knew it, I was here for 3 years and I grew very used to Bloomington. And I’m leaving it all behind.

When I moved here from undergrad at DePauw, I was only moving an hour away and I was able to go back and visit. Now I’m moving 9 and a half hours away.

And to be completely shallow, I watched Buffy for the last time last night. As Tim points out, I moving to a town without a WB channel. Hopefully Scott will continue to keep me updated with his weekly episode recaps.