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Hit or Miss

Who Wants to be a Stupid Celebrity Millionaire? Granted it’s been on for all of 15 minutes so far, but the “Celebrity” edition of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? has even easier questions than usual. It reminds me of the “Celebrity Jeopardy” parody from SNL — Rosie O’Donnell had host Regis Philbin on her show today and they joked about how stupid some of the celebrity participants were and the easy questions they missed.

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Must be in a comment-esque mood–two in one day! 🙂

Anyway, a student and I were just IM-ing each other about celebrity Millionaire and we both agree that David Duchovny MADE the show with his merciless mockery of the whole experience. I guess because he was first up, I forgot how sweet it was to watch him rip into Reege with every question. My two faves:

Regis (when only two answers are remaining):”David, you could always just make a guess.”
David: “Well, duh!”


Téa Leoni (David’s too-glamorous wife, used as his “Phone-A-Friend” and completely stumped by the question): “Oh honey, you are SO screwed.” I ROLLED!

I am guessing Regis must have been so relieved when washed-up kiss-ass Dana “Who?” Carvey made it…finally he could be the “smart” one again. (Kathie Lee cheated too much to even merit discussion.)

Good luck on your paper!

Max | 1 May 2000