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Back to Windows 98.

Hit or Miss

Back to Windows 98.

The reports of my death were not exagerated. After figuring out I wouldn’t be able to use my printer or webcams with Win 2000, I decided to wipe my hard drive clean and go back to Win 98.

Thus began my day and half of frustration trying to get my computer working again. The difficulty I had was reinstalling my video card driver. It didn’t want to work for some reason. I had the Windows genius from down the hall helping me, but he too was baffled.

Finally I just wiped the drive clean and started from scratch AGAIN, and this time it worked flawlessly.

So now I’m finally back up again and I need to think of a new name for my reincarnated system (Last time it was Bessie, which I seem to remember was Kevin‘s grandmother’s name).

But I’m going to install Win 2000 again on a partition and wait patiently for drivers to be written for my peripherals. I can’t get the memories of the shadows on the cursors out of my mind…