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Windows 2000.

Hit or Miss

Windows 2000.

I’m testing Windows 2000 now. Luckily I already had some old partitions on my hard drive that I had installed Linux on before setting up my server. The Windows 2000 setup dialogs let me consolidate those partitions and then format them with NTFS.

Then Windows 2000 installed itself without having to be prompted for (or letting me specify…) hardware information. The Windows 2000 site didn’t list any drivers for my Gateway equipment, but it seems to be working fine.

Windows 2000 seems to be pretty zippy, but I don’t have any software installed. Even though I can access my Windows 98 partition, I can’t run any of the programs (er, I mean any that have to be “installed”).

I assume Office 2000 should work fine in Windows 2000, so I’m going to try installing a few simple programs — like my webcam software and drivers, my Palm syncronizing program, Winamp, my copy of Finale 97, and maybe my copy of Flash 3 — and see if they work in this NT environment. Then maybe I’ll take the plunge and convert the entire computer to Windows 2000.


Why not?