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Hit or Miss


I’m going to have to track down a copy of the new Kinsey biography, “Sex, the Measure of All Things,” covered in this Salon review (via genehack.org).

I think Kinsey and his work were very important to the modern gay movement (personally, I’m a Kinsey 5). He may have been pretty risque in his day, but now the Kinsey Institute (here at IU) seems fairly old hat.

I’ve been over there several times and have gone through their campus sexual health peer counselor training session. Because I’m on the “responsible gay men of Bloomington” mailing list, I’ve gone over to participate in a few experiments. But I don’t feel like a sexual pioneer for doing so. It seems (to me at least) that what sex research today discovers is fairly common sense (but of course, that is all due to Kinsey’s original shocking revelations 50 years ago).

(I think it was a Jason who originally wondered what the “Responsible Gay Men of Bloomington” mailing list is. Basically, the coordinator of the GLBT office on campus has an email list of men (and women) that he knows will take the time to fill out questionnaires or participate in experiments if asked. We all want to further information and research on the GLBT community. I only jokingly call the list that name)

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Yep, that was me. Gotcha, re: list.

Do we want to know what the “sexual experiments” were, or is the sort of thing that’s not appropriate to discuss in front of the kids? (Yeah, I’m semi-evil today, sorry…)

Jason | 25 Apr 2000