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Hit or Miss

This picture pretty much sums up how I’m feeling today. I managed to get my server up and running after it crashed yesterday. I managed to rewrite the files that were lost (and threw in a new redesign to boot).

THE Matt Haughey stopped by my site yesterday and was going to leave a comment, but he emailed me that the comment function was broken. Now it’s fixed. But now I just realized that the preferences function (fonts, colors), doesn’t seem to be working correctly. *Sigh*

My parents finally called (after I sent them a coming out email last week) and left me a voicemail last night. Just a “oh, we missed you. we’ll call again. bye.” message. *Sigh*

And in the realm of stuff that I can’t talk about on my weblog yet, the potentially major scandle I’ve been involved with on campus should finally hit the campus paper tomorrow, so I’ll link to it then. *Sigh*