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Blog Activity

Hit or Miss

Blog Activity

Bill joins the big leagues and moves Mermaniac from Geocities to a real server. Congrats Bill!

My new AIM friend Brian from MIT, who has been a reader of blogs for a while, jumps into blogging himself and goes from 0 to 60 with Token Taxi.

Lots of updates to the GLBT Weblog Portal – including Basement Blog (Daniel, I think Tom is cute too), continuity.nu, ZZZXYZ, and vignette.org.

Mark‘s working on a redesign, which I’ve previewed. It looks pretty sharp! Ah, if only I had an ounce of his graphic design skills…

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Thanks for the plug! You haven’t seen the redesign lately, though. It’s lookin even MORE spiffy.

If I give you an ounce of my design skills, will you give me in return an ounce of techy coding skills? I’ve always wished I had some of that. Even trade? How do we go about this?

Mark Bakalor | 17 Apr 2000