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Hit or Miss

DeepLeap – the secret finally revealed. DeepLeap, the super-secret web app put together by a group of webloggers, is finally live. It’s a “trying to give you all the info you might need and keep track of it” pop-up service.

For example, if you popped-up DeepLeap on hit or miss, it would give you the opportunity to search Google for more info on my site, or add it to a bookmarks list, or send the link to a friend through email. Many more services are also on the way.

You can also get metadata on my site, like the location of the contact or search page. You can enable your own site to work with DeepLeap too.

Coolest thing about DeepLeap: the neat little graphic heads on the homepage next to each developer’s comment about the launch.

The Thing I Would Change about DeepLeap: it relies too much on graphic images. I would be happy for them to sacrifice some aesthetic appearance for a faster loading pop-up window.