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Hit or Miss

In which Matt tries to be more light hearted and announces he has a new job… So, I’ve been on the job hunt since Janurary. I went to a placement conference in March and interviewed with 11 different institutions for residence hall director positions. After conducting followup interviews and campus visits, I’m happy to (finally) announce that starting May 15th I’ll be working at Truman State University in Kirksville, MO.

I’ll be the director for one of their residential colleges (dorms) and will be the advisor for their student board which distributes the student activity fund to groups across campus.

Fortunately they were able to move back the starting date from July 1st to May 15th for me (since I’m homeless when my residence hall at IU closes after graduation). So now I have a flurry of stuff to get ready. I have to get ready to move. I have to buy a new computer to use as a server (since I’ll be leaving OPUS behind at IU. And – oh, yes – I have to pass all the classes I’m taking right now.

Thus, things are going to get pretty hairy around here for the next month or two. I’ll try to keep up with my blogging duties!

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chad | 13 Apr 2000