Hit or Miss

I Just Called to Say I Blog You.

I’m not funny enough to design a banner for the Guerrilla Banner Project, so instead I just sang karaoke to Mark and Jason on their ureach.com voicemail boxes. I wanted to sing to Max, but he hasn’t signed up for an account yet.

This has been my silly act of the day to break up the serious, stuffy monotony that usually is hit-or-miss. That is all.

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1-877-609-8100 ext. 657

Karoeke me. Please.

Mark Bakalor | 12 Apr 2000

Okay Mark. After class tomorrow afternoon I’ll see if I can work up a routine.

Are you sure you weren’t my caller from California Mark?

Matt | 12 Apr 2000

Woo hoo! Will I be notified if and when I get a new message? And how will I be able to have it turned into a sound file? I’m a ureach virgin. I’m so scared!

And I’m positive and still freaked! That was so not my message. Unless I was drugged and foreced to leave an additional message. Damn. That could be it. Now I’m REALLY freaked. Thanks so much.

Mark Bakalor | 12 Apr 2000

Jeez–if only I had known! I was up putting together a lesson on _Pygmalion_, too…so you could have gone for a _My Fair Lady_ vibe and everything.

I could have danced all night, indeed.
Instead, I typed a quiz and went to bed. 🙂

Max | 12 Apr 2000