Hit or Miss


Anil is perturbed (and rightly so) with Budweiser’s website targeted towards the Asian community – asianbud.com. They’ve also got a site aimed at the Latino community – hispanicbud.com.

While I think this ghettoization can be bad, I’m also frankly ticked off that there isn’t a gaybud.com website.

There was a big old brouhaha last summer when Budlight ran this advertisement (see photo) in gay magazines to support gay pride festivals throughout the country. A-B has long been a major supporter (albeit quietly) of the gay community – which for a long time has revolved around gay bars.

Many Christian-Right groups denounced the ad and mobilized their members to send negative feedback to A-B about the ads. The gay community responded in kind, but now the whole thing has kind of dopped out of the public’s consciousness. A-B continues (quietly) to sponsor the gay community.

I drink Budlight and, dammit, I want them to make a gaybud.com site. I want them to publically recognize and support my community.