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Surf patterns & other musings.

Hit or Miss

Surf patterns & other musings.

I’ve been doing a lot of web surfing lately (while I try to procrastinate from other tasks), but I haven’t been adding a lot of links to fun or interesting sites or news articles to my weblog.

Reason: everytime I find something interesting, I make a mental note to blog it. But then, as I make the daily rounds of other weblogs, I see that many people have already linked to it. Thus, I’m faced with a dilemma – do I blog the site (that I found on my own) and appear to be derrivative, or do I just post nothing?

Approach #2 has been winning lately.

I guess I’m caught up in that “who am I blogging for?” funk. Am I blogging for myself or others? I do use my archives fairly often to go back and find sites that have interested me. But I’ve also been using the search engines on blogger and weblogs.com a lot lately to find sites I remember reading about on other weblogs but didn’t blog myself.

I guess I’m too caught up with what others think about me through my weblog. I don’t want them to think I’m derrivative. I don’t want them to think I’m dull.

Recently, dicussing the birthday voicemail I left for her, Firda wrote:

“I still wish that everyone had gone wild when they called my voicemail number. Matt’s voicemail is my favourite so far. He practically did a variety show on the phone, which was hilarious! 🙂 It was really a surprise because Matt always sounds so serious on his sites and in his emails. This should fail the theory that you are your weblog.”

Nope. I really am my weblog. I am this dull in real life. I just don’t want you all to think so.

BTW – I hope that David of Stuffed Dog finishes programming Speller soon, because I had to use dictionary.com 3 times for this post. I’m a teribul speler.

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I’ve never thought that you’re dull, honest! If you were dull, you would’ve ended up like me. I’m not my weblog because I’m not always as cheerful as I always try to be in my posts. I’m just as dull as anyone could ever be.

Firda | 10 Apr 2000