Hit or Miss

Fail Safe

I tuned into the live airing of Fail Safe tonight to see if anyone would blow a line or a cue. Other than a few mumbled lines and one videoburst near the beginning, the broadcast went off without a hitch. George Clooney said the other night on ET (I only caught it while flipping the channels, I swear!) that he’d like to see live drama return to TV and he might try to set up some more productions. He must have caught the bug on ER.

I have to admit I found Fail Safe strangely riveting. I didn’t know the outcome of the original film or novel, so I was quite surpised at the end. I really didn’t think it could go that far. The list of the 9 countries that today possess nuclear capabilities shown at the end of the broadcast was a sobering reminder that the events of the film might not be ludicrous or impossible afterall.