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Hit or Miss

So, I’ve been pondering whether to switch to Blogger or to continue using my homemade PERL script.  I’ve finally decided to switch to a PHP/MySQL combination (inspired by metajohn).

The other big change coming is that I will try to infuse this site with more of my personality.  I think that’s why weblogs like Camworld, saturn.org, and kottke.org are so popular – because they’re so identifiable with the person who run them (Cam, Jack, and Jason).  Currently my site is quite sterile and doens’t have much supplementary information on “me” – besides what’s in the posts.  Thus, I’m going to turn matthewkingston.com into my serious, professional site and hit-or-miss.org will become a combo weblog/journal/personal site.

Among the fun new features I’ll be implementing (like personalizing your view of my page), will be the daily “hit or miss” counter.  Kind of like a mood indicator, it’ll reflect how my day is going.  This was one of my original ideas when I got the domain name, but I never got around to implementing it.