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Hit or Miss

Got Megan Mullally’s (she plays Karen on Will & Grace) new CD, The Sweetheart Break-In  (I wrote about ordering it on the 8th).  It’s a studio recording of her cabaret show, Sweetheart, which she does with her group, the Supreme Music Program.  Supposedly the concept is that they “break into the empty theatre” to perform the show.  It’s an interesting array of theatre and folk songs mixed with ambient sounds (check out this clip of Surabaya Johnny).  For more info on Megan and the CD, check out Sweetheart, a fan tribute site.

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I got this CD the other day, I know every song by heart so far. It is the greatest collection ever! Megan does such a good job! She can sing like an angel! No doubtedly her band deserved this record deal. No if I could only learn the WORDS to the songs and not just mumble along with the tune… Well, I can always dream right?

Willma1958 | 16 Dec 2000

This is an amazing cd, by an amazingly talented woman. It is the best cd I have ever owned by far, im a huge megan mullally fan, check out my website!

kristina | 12 Feb 2002