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Hit or Miss

Not much surfing today because I’m getting ready to make an on-campus job interview/visit tomorrow.  It’s almost 11 and I haven’t finished packing yet.  I have to pick up the rental car and hit the road at 8 am tomorrow.

I spent a while on the phone with old school chums Chad & Susan (who are also readers of hit-or-miss – hi ya’ll!) and we realized that our friend Melinda had grown up there and done her undergraduate years there, so I called her and found out a little about the town and got her folk’s phone number.

I’m really excited about the visit.  I really like the job desciption and the folks I’ve meet from there, so I hope I like the campus and the town.  If I can get access to a computer there, I’ll post an update about the trip.  Otherwise, it’ll be Sunday before I update again.

One more thing in my life: I served this past Sunday as an altar server (or acolyte, as adult servers are called) for the first time since high school.  I’m glad that Bertie and Shannon have helped me get back in the church-going mode this year.  I was excited to find out that the campus I’m visiting has an active Newman Center on campus, so maybe this is the start of my becoming active in the church again.