Hit or Miss

How Glory Goes

Audra McDonald’s new CD, How Glory Goes, was released yesterday and is already starting to generate the same kind of raves that her first CD, Way Back to Paradise, did.  It is simple ravishing.  But (there’s always a but with me), I was disappointed with her recording of “Come Down from the Tree” which can’t erase the memory of Lillias White, who premiered the song on “Lost in Boston.”  On her previous CD, Audra wasn’t able to erase my memories of songs she sung that were identified with Carolee Carmello.  But (this is a good but), we do get wonderful recordings of “How Glory Goes” (without the echos) and “Lay Down Your Head.”  Even her rendition of the over-recorded “Somewhere” is stupendous.  And all the Arlen material is perfectly suited for her.  I predict that Time & Newsweek will dub this a cultural must-purchase for the masses just like they did with “Way Back to Paradise” last winter.