Hit or Miss

His name is Charlie Gordon.

CBS is airing a made-for-tv version of Flowers for Algernon (scroll down) on Feb 20.  I’ve been a fan of Daniel Keyes‘ novel since I played Prof. Nemur in a high school production of the play version (The less said about the Charles Strouse musical version the better).

Hopefully, this new film starring Matthew Modine as Charlie will be more faithful to the original than 1968’s Charly.

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Just out of curiosity, do you know where I can download the novel “Flowers for Algernon”? I loved the story in grade 9 english class and I would really like to read it again. Thanks for your help!

adam | 30 Jul 2002

Just wanted to let ya know that someone sent me the book! Yayyy! Almost done reading it now!

adam | 27 Aug 2002

is it possible that you have a tape of the CBS tv version of flowers for algernon? Or any known copy of it? I’d really like to see it.

cynthia | 25 Mar 2003