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Scream 3

Hit or Miss

Scream 3

Bertie, Shannon, and I are all anxiously awaiting the opening of Scream 3 next Friday.

If you follow the above link, hoping to find information about the film or cast, you’ll be out of luck.  The official movie site is currently set up as the “official site” of the “movie studio” that makes the Stab movies that were part of Scream 2.  It’s a fairly complex site, including movie trailers from their other upcoming films (like “Voodoo Club”).  Are they trying to go for some pseudo-reality advertising like the Blair Witch Project did?

To find more traditional movie stuff for the film (like trailers, cast photos and gossip), try visiting Yahoo’s category on Scream 3.

Still, what’s up on the official site is interesting.  There’s an online journal following the filming of “Stab 3,” which is rife with accidents and suspicions.  Tori Spelling decides not to return as Sidney for the final film and the producers decide to hold a contest to find their next star.  My bet is that the real Sidney (Neve Campbell) somehow gets the part incognito.