Hit or Miss

Thanks, Cam

I just discovered that camworld has linked to me as a site often visited.  Camworld was one of the first weblogs I regularly visited and making his list is the Holy Grail for many webloggers.  And don’t worry Cam – I won’t get pissed off when I ultimately get rotated off the list.

I wonder what his IP address is?  I can tell who some of my visitors are from my referer logs, but many are a mystery.

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Matt –

Concering your mysterious referrer logs (which I used to look at when I had near-root access on a Unix system at my old school), I was able to locate a Win-ish program that kinda ‘unscrambles’ IP addresses …

Unfortunately, I don’t have it anymore and the site I downloaded it from doesn’t exist.
But I’ll keep looking …

Jerry | 6 Apr 2001