Hit or Miss

Harry Potter

Instead of working on the new design for Hit-Or-Miss.org, I’ve been reading the Harry Potter books the past few days. I thoroughly enjoyed them and eagerly anticapte the next book, but I have to kind of agree with this article from Salon which criticizes the series for its sexism and lacking of truly positive female rolemodeling. Hopefully future books in the series or the upcoming film will feature some strong female charactizations. And like the article writer, I hate to critize the books because they’re awakening a love for reading in today’s children.

Yesterday I caught the end of Matilda on TV, and I was struck by some similarities between her and Harry Potter. More importantly, J. K. Rowling‘s sytle reminds me a bit of British author Roald Dahl, who wrote Matilda along with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach. I wonder if Rowling will attempt to write any non-Harry Potter books.