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Great TV!

Hit or Miss

Great TV!

My shows rocked last night!  On Will & Grace, Jack faced his bad memories of elementary school and helped out a young kid who seems destined to grow up gay.  I’d hate to hear what bigots who think gay people recruit the young would say about the episode, but I thought it was sweet and made me wish I had had a positive gay influence when growing up.

On Sport Night, Dana’s brother is being investigated for steroid use.

But Buffy was the best of all – quite possibly the best espisode to date and easily one of the scariest TV shows I’ve ever seen.  Some boogeymen come to town and steal everyone’s voice – leading to a 27 minute sequence with no dialogue.  The sight of the boogeymen floating through the town while no one could scream was truly frightening.  The best part was that Willow made a new witch friend (was there some sexual tension there?) and Riley and Buffy discovered that they each patrol at night.  The episode ended with the two of them about to discuss why they were out the night before.  Argh!  No new episode for at least 2 weeks!