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Hit or Miss


So Jeff and I have been going out for a month now.  I haven’t really written much about him in my weblog (other than to say I caught this or that movie with him) — because I wasn’t quite sure what he’d think about appearing on my homepage.

He’s not much of a computer person.  He rarely reads email (This photo is of him checking 2 weeks worth of mail on my computer).  I have to actually talk to him on the phone.  How 80’s.  But I kind of like it.  It’s been different to actually connect with a person and talk over the phone when we can’t meet in person.

Jeff knew all about my weblog before we started dating (he knew all about me, but I knew nothing about him before we were set up on a date).  So he had to know going into the relationship that I would potentially write about him in my weblog.  But I haven’t.  And I think maybe he’s been surprised not to see himself mentioned in it.

I keep meaning to talk to him about it.  But somehow the subject just hasn’t come up.  I haven’t brought it up.  Just like I haven’t brought up any conversation about how each of us views our relationship.